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What is Girl Dad Network?

Girl Dad Network is a membership community of fathers who are committed to having a strong relationship with their daughters. With live calls, private events, resources, self-paced programs, and workshops, Girl Dad Network is designed to help you be the best Girl Dad possible.

Why Girl Dad Network?

Because daughters don't come with instruction manuals. 

Girl Dad Network is all about actionable, convenient information. It is perfect for the busy dads who want to show up for their daughters, but don't know where to find the time. Regardless of your experience as a father - seasoned or new to the journey - Girl Dad Network is a platform where you can exchange insights, seek guidance, establish connections, and cultivate a great relationship with your daughter. 

Being a dad comes with its challenges, but Girl Dad Network is here to support you. Members of Girl Dad Network enjoy tools and conversations centered around: 

This community is designed with the intention of growing and evolving with you, creating a lasting impact not just on you as a Girl Dad, but also on the world your daughters will inherit.

The Membership

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